Motivation behind the Guide

Basically explaining why this guide exists.

At the time when I was looking for guidance or specific information while navigating my role as a community professional, I always stumbled upon one difficulty.

The answer to any specific query is available but you have to search very hard. And most of the time the exact piece of advice that you are looking for is buried in the transcript of a podcast.

So I have tried to create a single repository for all things related to community building.

As this repository grows, we will have a curated list of community resources all segmented into requisite groups. The entire repository is searchable and anyone can find the best practices related to a specific field in no time, skim through the notes and decide on what steps to take further.

During the course of writing this guide, I have listened to 40+ podcasts, 100+ articles, and 3 whitepapers on community building.

Check back this space for more value-packed community content.

If you want to get your talk to be covered here, reach out to @sanmayamohanty on twitter.

Comments and Feedbacks are always appreciated.

About Me

Hi, My name is Sanmaya. I am 22.

Community Experience:

  • Startup Grind chapter directer (SGu) since 2018.

  • Organized 30+ in person events (including Hackathons)

  • Organized 10+ virtual events.

  • Organized India's biggest opensource hackathon (Hackference).

  • World Youth Forum 2018 Panellist from India. (Speaker on youth and entrepreneurship).

  • HPAIR Harvard 2018 Delegate from India.

Other Experience:

  • Worked as a Product Marketing Manager for Finin (A neo banking startup in Bengaluru).

  • Freelanced as a Growth and Social Media consultant.

  • Data Analyst at Upwork.

I am currently planning to transcend my passion for communities into a full-time CMGR role.

Email: [email protected]

Connect with me on Linkedin.

Talk to me on twitter @sanmayamohanty.