Traits of Great CMGRs

In this module we will look at some widely anticipated traits in successful CMGRs.

These are some of the traits of exceptional community managers:

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills: As the CMGR role is a customer-facing role, therefore they have to deal with real people. Empathy, Good Listening skills, Storytelling these are some of the crucial skills for crafting a good social bond with the community and promoting a good perception of the organisation.

  • Understanding of Community & Business Needs: They craft the community strategies keeping in mind the needs of business and communities alike, so that all the stakeholders are in the same page.

  • Good with Metrics: Often it is necessary to keep track whether your efforts are yielding the right results or not. Also the needs and the shortcomings in your community are not always evident during developing the strategic roadmap. Therefore great CMGRs make metrics their guiding star and achieve both community and business outcomes.

  • Adaptable: Since community management as a domain is still relatively new, therefore the position is constantly evolving and so is the job description. Great CMGRs are great learners and they adapt to adjust to new expectations.

Now that we have theoretically covered how great community managers look like on paper.

Let us dive deeper and see some actual Community manager Job descriptions to know what skills businesses are looking for in a community manager, and how to learn and address those skills in this guide.

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