Community Need Identification

What type of community are you looking to build?

  • Is it a community where one-off interactions happen or a community where you are continuously forging relationships.

  • Is this a community where customers convene around a hobby? Just like Fitbit's community.

  • Is this a support community where people go to get their problems solved?

Once you are certain from your end regarding the community type you are looking to build,

It's now time to do a member needs analysis. What your members are looking for from your community.

Perform a Member needs analysis.

People generally form a community to

1. Network and connect

Network with individuals to find members with shared passions Combat isolation, share emotions, share struggles.

2. Access tools

Find resources that allow them to do the job better shorten decision times and decrease risk.

3. Share the knowledge:

Explore ideas and participate in one-on-one discussions or public threads. Access actionable experience-based solutions from like-minded members.

Make sure that you find the common need/struggle that your members might share.

Conduct Community Profiling

Not every answer to your question is readily available. Therefore you have to dive deep and interview your prospective community members to exactly know what they are looking for.

  • Interview or survey members to

    • Gain knowledge about their specific needs

    • Get to know the different member types and personas.

    • Predict their needs.

    • Look for variation in their needs.

    • What are they looking for in the community?

    • how do they like to interact

    • what level of confidentiality or openness are they looking for

    • Do they want exposure

    • Do they want to Influence others

    • Do they want to shape the industry

    • are they time-crunched? How much time can they devote?

  • Use this information to craft a compelling community content strategy.

  • you can create micro-niches in your community to further drive engagement.

Toolset Audit

Based on the data gathered in the previous steps, Determine the required tools - software, applications, templates, and guides.

Additional Steps

  • Complete a competitive audit of your community strategy to know your social positioning.

  • Create a budget and then secure the investment required.

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