What are different ways of Onboarding?

Guided tours

  • Provides a walkthrough to the new members and explains the starting points of the community.

  • The explainer content should be easy to understand and highly specific so as to show the new members the clear benefits of doing certain tasks.

  • Eliminate any kind of ambiguity from the beginning.

Welcome video

  • Create a short video that explains all things that your community stands for.

  • The Dos and Don'ts of the community.

  • That provides information about the POCs of the community.

  • It should provide information about how things are done in your community.

SuperUser Programs

  • You can create a superuser program comprising of some of the most active, friendly and engaging members of your community.

  • Since they know all the ins and outs of the community they can guide the new members and get their questions answered.

  • This is a great way to forge networks within the community.


  • You can also arrange a webinar specifically for the new users to have real-time interaction, solve the queries, share how your community works, and understand them better.

Personalized calls

  • If you are starting out with the community consider having personalized calls or chats with the new members.

  • Try to learn why they have joined your community, their goals, their special skills, and figure out if they can add value to the members.

  • David Spinks creates a fb post each Monday mentioning the new members that joined the CMX community the previous week.

Now that you have an onboarding process in place. It is time to take note of the effectiveness of the process by analyzing the metrics.

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