KPIs to Consider for Communities

Here is a list of common KPIs to be considered while dealing with communities.

1. Event KPIs (Both Digital and In-Person)

  • No. of RSVP for events

  • Percentage of new event attendees

  • Percentage of return attendees

  • Rate of churned attendees (% of people who only attended only one event)

  • The average number of attendees per event over time

2. KPIs for Online communities:

Behind every community member is an actual person, and engagement comes only if the companies understand the needs of that person.

This is where community profiling plays a major role.

Persona Specific Metrics

  • What industries is my community attracting?

  • What position does the community member have within their company?

  • Do I have content to meet the needs of each persona?

General KPIs

  • Number of community members on Slack, Discord, etc.

  • Percentage of monthly active members

  • Number of new member sign-ups

  • Number of posts added in the community by employee and non-employees

  • Number of comments created in reaction to the community’s posts

  • Percentage of comments from new community members by cohort

  • Number of members leaving the community

Content KPIs

  • What content has the most engagement (i.e. likes, up votes or comments)?

  • What content has the lowest engagement?

  • What content topic is the most popular?

  • What content topic is the least popular?

  • What content is lacking on the site that members are requesting?

  • What content type is the most popular (i.e. video, Q&A, etc.)?

3. Open source communities:

  • Number of pull requests by non-employees

  • Number of non-employee contributors

  • Percentage of code contributed by non-employees

4. Social communities:

  • Number of followers

  • Growth rate of followers month-over-month

  • Number of retweets by month

  • Number of @ mentions by month

  • Average number of likes and comments per post

5. KPIs to track CX (Customer Experience)

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

  • Number of community ambassadors.

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