KPIs to Consider for Communities
Here is a list of common KPIs to be considered while dealing with communities.

  • No. of RSVP for events
  • Percentage of new event attendees
  • Percentage of return attendees
  • Rate of churned attendees (% of people who only attended only one event)
  • The average number of attendees per event over time

Behind every community member is an actual person, and engagement comes only if the companies understand the needs of that person.
This is where community profiling plays a major role.
Persona Specific Metrics
  • What industries is my community attracting?
  • What position does the community member have within their company?
  • Do I have content to meet the needs of each persona?
General KPIs
  • Number of community members on Slack, Discord, etc.
  • Percentage of monthly active members
  • Number of new member sign-ups
  • Number of posts added in the community by employee and non-employees
  • Number of comments created in reaction to the community’s posts
  • Percentage of comments from new community members by cohort
  • Number of members leaving the community
Content KPIs
  • What content has the most engagement (i.e. likes, up votes or comments)?
  • What content has the lowest engagement?
  • What content topic is the most popular?
  • What content topic is the least popular?
  • What content is lacking on the site that members are requesting?
  • What content type is the most popular (i.e. video, Q&A, etc.)?

  • Number of pull requests by non-employees
  • Number of non-employee contributors
  • Percentage of code contributed by non-employees

  • Number of followers
  • Growth rate of followers month-over-month
  • Number of retweets by month
  • Number of @ mentions by month
  • Average number of likes and comments per post

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Number of community ambassadors.
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