Measuring Success of Communities

For companies building a community initiative, the areas to be tracked should be:

  • Track active participation and the value that members consume and produce.
  • Measure sign-ups,
  • Measure individual contributions (e.g. answering questions, running events, improving content), and other areas.
  • Community Traffic

  • Looking at the efficacy of your community strategy, estimating the work, and executing effectively.
  • No. of hits at your internal community resources (Employee Resources) and removing bottlenecks in the process if any.

  • Creating a proper reaction plan towards community metrics
  • Having an online reputation management framework in place.
  • Having Clear guidelines and resources for conflict resolution, moderation and tracking the number of hits to those resources.
Communities have arrived and if done well, and when the community values are intentionally woven into the fabric of the business, communities can offer a sustainable competitive advantage and drive brand awareness, value creation, and therefore bump overall commercial valuation while delivering a world-class, personal, gratifying community member experience.
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How to Measure Success?
1. Community Consumption and Creation.
2. Delivery and Execution. (Internal Metric)
3. Community Management Experience of the Organisation